Top cybersecurity companies protecting the finance industry

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The financial services sector remains as the top target of cybercriminals and this is the primary reason why industry giants like J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, to name a few,  spend billions of dollars on cybersecurity. However, according to a Cybersecurity Ventures Report, new and similar threats are expected to cost $6 trillion each year by 2021.

As an answer to this modern problem, the cybersecurity industry is rapidly expanding and increasing its coverage to protect highly vulnerable institutions like banks and organizations within the monetary sector.

Here’s a list of the top cybersecurity companies protecting the finance industry today:

IBM Security

IBM Security, under its parent company, IBM, offers services that can be beneficial and necessary to financial institutions: advanced fraud protection, privacy and data security, security intelligence and analytics, as well as identity and access management.

Business can also opt for a modified enterprise security portfolio that addresses to new threats and organize security innovations that can easily reduce not only the cost but also the complexity of their IT security.


The company protects organizations from the common and persistent email and data cyber threats like malware, data leaks and data loss, and also spear-phishing, to name a few.

Recently, it has launched Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment, an analysis report aimed to measure the efficiency of email security systems.


The company offers a selection of cybersecurity services that can help detect and neutralize threats. Their products and services include advanced and complex malware protection products, next generation firewall, cloud security and efficient security management.